7pm - 2am

3457 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816​

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DJ MasterMind

Spinning (((LIVE)))

- Challenges -

Challenge #1:

We will pull names to try and hit the bulls eye twice thru out the night. IF, chosen You will have 3 Darts.  If you hit the Bulls eye twice you will win a Prize.


Challenge #2:

We will pull name's to have a chance to hit 5 bulls eye in a row. You will have 5 darts.  If you hit the bulls eye 5 times... Guarantee Clothing will pay you $500.00 CA$H!!!

- CornHole -


We will have Corn Hole boards set up for you to play on!!!

- Beer Pong -


We will have a Glow in the dark Beer Pong set up for you to play on!!!

- Giant Jenga -


We will have Giant Jenga game set up for you to play!!!

- Maps -


(Tap to Zoom in)


* Free Street Parking

* Free Parking up the ramp 

* Huge Parking lot 2 Blocks away

Park at your own risk  

(Immediate Parking)

(Additional Parking - 2 Blocks away)

Dress Code

- t-shirts (ok)

- hats (ok)


- no tank tops

- no du rags

- no slippers