About us


Guarantee Clothing if about keeping your word.  When we say "Guarantee" that means you're promising and that's your word and that's all you really have in life is your word.  With that sky's or what we like to say is outer-space is the limit!   We are about an entrepreneur lifestyle that allows you to do what you want, when you want governed by action(s) of integrity to do what is right.  This will allow you to be a contributing factor to those around you thus creating more value for self.


"Our movement is about being happy and makings those around you happy" as you strive to be successful in what ever it is that you chose to do.  


Most importantly keep God first in your life, be responsible, take care of your family and make sure you're happy too.                                   

Locally Owned & Operated

Support Local Business.

Integrity and Good Vibes

Spreading Aloha in all that we do.

Clothing & Apparel