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Hawaii Pandemic Survey #1


Conducted by: Michael Scalera 

Goal: 1,000 people to complete this survey, no need put your name either it's optional.


You can remain anonymous and you don't have to put your name, the form is scripted to only accept 1 submission per IP Address for the integrity of this survey.  The information gathered from this survey is going to be used to help create meaningful conversations to present to our leaders about decisions they are making for us that can affect people's lives here in Hawai'i.  I am trying to help keep a good consciousness on this topic in efforts to help us all work towards being on the same page moving in integrity, unity, love and aloha for what's right for the common good, health and well being of the people in Hawai'i thru having respectful educated discussions.  Just trying to gather my own data to help make some confirmations.   I mean no one any disrespect and really just trying to do what I can to make more sense of things for my self and see how I can help others.


Survey Disclaimer:  

You understand and agree that you are taking this survey voluntarily and the data collected from this survey will be used and shared at the discretion of Guarantee Clothing.  If you wish to have your submission removed, you can do so at anytime by emailing your request to




Please answer with integrity on each question. 

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